I automate IT.

DevOps / Full-Stack / WebDev / SEO

I'm a freelance web developer, currently available for hire. I love creating usable and maintainable websites. Whether you need a new site or app for your business, supercharge your application deployments or want to modernize your IT stack, I'm sure I can help you.


I create websites, suited to your needs. If you approach me, we'll first talk about your requirements. Afterwards I'll will handle everything from start to finish. You don't have to worry about setting up the domain, creating the website, taking photos, making videos and deploying it. I've got everything covered.


After an initial assessment of your current workflows and tools, I will develop a roadmap detailing how your company can use containers, continuous integration and deployments as well as infrastructure as code to maximize productivity. I will help your company adapting to DevOps.


If people are currently having trouble to find your website, You can ask me to analyze your content and develop a strategy to improve your online visibility. This includes developing a unique marketing strategy, improving communication with your customers on social media and optimizing existing content for search engines.